Such is the journey of grassroots leader Raghuvar Das from Mandal President of BJP to CM of Jharkhand and Governor of Odisha.

New Governor List 2023: BJP National Vice President Raghubar Das held the post of Chief Minister of Jharkhand from 2014 to 2019. There itself. Indra Sena Reddy Nallu is a BJP leader from Telangana.

Raghubar Das News Today|Former Chief Minister of Jharkhand Raghubar Das is now going to become the Governor of Odisha. President Draupadi Murmu has appointed him the Governor of Odisha. His appointment will be considered effective from the day he assumes office. Raghuvar Das is a leader who rose from the grassroots to reach the pinnacle of politics. When an ordinary Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) worker was made the President of Sitaramdera Mandal located in Jamshedpur, the district headquarters of East Singhbhum, no one would have imagined that one day this person would become the Chief Minister of a state. But, Raghuvar Das proved his worth in the party organization and continued climbing the ladder of progress. Before becoming the Chief Minister of Jharkhand, he was also the minister of many departments and the state president of Jharkhand BJP. In the year 2020, he was given the responsibility of Vice President in Jagat Prakash Nadda's team. However, even before this he had been the National Vice President of BJP for 43 days. He was on this post from 16 August 2014 to 27 December 2014. After this, BJP government was formed in Jharkhand and Raghuvar Das was made the Chief Minister. Raghuvar Das was the first Chief Minister of Jharkhand, who completed his five-year tenure.

Raghuvar Das is holding the responsibility of which post in BJP?

Raghuvar Das is currently holding the responsibility of the post of National Vice President of BJP. He was the Chief Minister of Jharkhand from 2014 to 2019. After the formation of Jharkhand, Das was the first CM to complete his tenure.

Das became MLA for the first time in 1995 from Jamshedpur East seat. He has also held the responsibility of the post of Deputy CM of Jharkhand. Indra Sena Reddy Nallu is the leader and national general secretary of BJP from Telangana.

Raghuvar Das joined BJP from Janata Party

If we look at his political journey so far, we will find that he has become the National Vice President from Mandal President, Minister of many departments in Jharkhand, after becoming Jharkhand State President and Chief Minister, he has once again been made the National Vice President and now the Governor of the neighboring state of Odisha. . In the year 1977, Raghuvar Das took membership of Janata Party. When BJP was established in the year 1980, he joined this party. He participated in the first national convention of the party held in Mumbai. Considering politics as a medium of service, he took steps in this direction from student politics itself.

Movement for university in Jamshedpur

Raghuvar Das became the convenor of the Student Sangharsh Committee and launched a vigorous movement for the establishment of a university in Jamshedpur. Actively participated in the movement of Loknayak Jaiprakash Narayan. Organized the youth and students of Jamshedpur for the movement. As a result he also had to go to jail. When the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi imposed emergency in the country, Raghuvar Das opposed it. Raghuvar Das, who studied B.Sc. and LLB, got his first big responsibility in BJP when he was made the Mandal President of Sitaramdera.

Also became District General Secretary and State President

After this he got many important posts. He also became the District General Secretary and Vice President of Jamshedpur metropolis. He was the state president of the party from July 2004 to May 2005 and from January 19, 2009 to September 25, 2010. Raghuvar Das was made the national vice president in Rajnath Singh's team on August 16, 2014. He remained on this post till December 27, 2014. After being the National Vice President for 43 days, he returned to Jharkhand politics. When BJP won the assembly elections, the party handed him the responsibility of Chief Minister.

Labor minister in Babulal Marandi's cabinet

Before this, he was a minister of many departments in the governments of Jharkhand. From 15 November 2000 to 17 March 2003, he was the Labor Minister in the cabinet of Babulal Marandi. In the year 2005, when BJP government was formed under the leadership of Arjun Munda, he was made the Minister of Finance, Commerce and Urban Development. He held this post from March 12, 2005 to September 14, 2006. On December 30, 2009, he was made Deputy Chief Minister in Shibu Soren's government. Till May 30, 2010, he was the Deputy Chief Minister and Parliamentary Affairs Minister.

BJP won maximum seats in Jharkhand in Modi wave

In the year 2014, when the Narendra Modi wave was sweeping the entire country, BJP won the maximum number of seats in the Jharkhand Assembly. Raghuvar Das formed a government with full majority by including six MLAs of Jharkhand Vikas Morcha (JVM) in BJP. He was the Chief Minister of Jharkhand from December 28, 2014 to December 28, 2019. However, in the 2019 elections, he faced anti-incumbency wave and lost the election from Jamshedpur East Assembly seat. Angered by the party, his cabinet member Saryu Rai, who contested the elections as an independent, defeated him.

Took VRS from Tata Steel job

Raghuvar Das was born on May 3, 1955 in Jamshedpur. His early education took place in Bhaalubasa Harijan Vidyalaya. Passed matriculation examination from this school. After this, he took B.Sc and bachelor's degree in Law from Jamshedpur Co-operative College. After this he started working as a laborer in Tata Steel. After becoming completely established in politics, Raghuvar Das took voluntary retirement (VRS) from the job of Tata Steel and came into full-time politics. After coming into politics he never looked back.