Second batch of Indians reached Delhi from Israel amid slogans of 'Vande Mataram', 'Operation Ajay' continues

There were 235 people in the second flight that reached India from Israel under Operation Ajay, out of which 135 are students. These also include 2 newborn children.

Due to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, India is worried about its citizens present there. India has started 'Operation Ajay' for the safe return of Indian citizens from Israel. Under this evacuation operation, the second fleet of Indians from Israel has reached Delhi. A special plane carrying 235 Indian citizens has reached Delhi. Minister of State for External Affairs Rajkumar Ranjan Singh is present at the airport to welcome the citizens.

The second batch of Indian citizens included 235 citizens including two newborns. They were taken out safely on Friday (13 October). According to local time, the plane took off from Israel at 11 pm. A day before this, 212 Indians were brought to India through a special plane. India announced Operation Ajay on Thursday. Its purpose is the safe return of Indians living in Israel. Through this operation, only those people are being brought from Israel, who are willing to come from there.

Operation will continue on Saturday also

The Indian Embassy in Israel has said that the evacuation process of Indian citizens is going to continue on Saturday (October 14) also. The Embassy wrote on social media platform X, 'The Embassy has today emailed the next batch of Indian citizens registered for the special flight. A message will be sent to other registered people for subsequent flights. Passengers are being selected on 'first come, first served' basis. For this, passengers have to feed their information in the embassy's database.

'Operation Ajay' continues

The flight took off at 11:02 pm local time. The evacuation of Indian nationals will continue on Sunday as well. The Indian Embassy posted the announcement on Twitter, saying, 'The Embassy has today released the next batch of Indian nationals registered for the special flight. Have sent off. A message will be sent to other registered people for subsequent flights.

The first charter flight under 'Operation Ajay', carrying 212 Indian nationals from Israel, landed at the Delhi airport on Friday morning. The passengers were selected after a drive launched by the Indian Embassy to register all Indians in the mission's database. This has been done on a “first come, first served” basis. The government is bearing the expenses of their return.

On returning to India, a researcher studying at Ilan University thanked the Indian Government for 'Operation Ajay' and said, 'I really want to thank the Indian Government for taking us out of the war situation in Israel... Our Under 'Operation Ajay', the government has taken us out of a situation where the situation was very difficult. ,

There are 18 thousand Indians in Israel

About 18,000 Indian nationals live and work in Israel, including caregivers, students, many IT professionals and diamond traders. On October 7, armed Hamas fighters based in the Gaza Strip broke through the Israeli security cordon from sea, land and air, killing several People were killed, after which it became necessary to evacuate the Indian citizens.