UT 69: Shilpa Shetty hit her husband with slippers as soon as she heard about the biopic, Raj Kundra revealed

Raj Kundra Acting Debut: Raj Kundra's film UT69 is going to be released soon. Raj Kundra has talked about Shilpa Shetty's reaction regarding the film.

Shilpa Shetty's husband Raj Kundra is also going to enter the world of acting. He has announced his biopic UT69. Also the trailer of the film has been released. It is shown in the trailer how his days were spent in jail and how bad his condition was. Raj Kundra shared many stories related to himself at the trailer launch of the film and also told that when he told Shilpa about her acting debut. So how was his reaction?

In a special conversation with News 18, Raj Kundra has told about Shilpa Shetty's reaction. He said- Initially she was a little nervous but later she changed her mind and supported me. Raj told that Shilpa felt that this film would not be made.

Shilpa had hit me with slippers

Raj further told that when I told Shilpa about making the film, she was standing a little away from me. I didn't want to go near them. I told him that I have the script and am waiting for his reply. As I turned around, a flying slipper landed on my face. I think at first they thought this idea was strange. Perhaps he felt that the film would not be made.

Raj further told that after discussing the script with director Shahnawaz Ali, he convinced Shilpa. After that, when I narrated a little script to Shilpa, she understood that this is not a case against the system but the story of a common man. She was very supportive. He asked me- Will you do acting? Raj told Shilpa that he will take up acting because he has done some method acting after going to jail.

The trailer focuses on what happened to him in Arthur Road Jail. The allegation of making porn films and distributing them on the app is not discussed openly. Although its reference has been put in many places. Like a prisoner in jail asks who he is. The answer comes from the front, ‘porn king’. Raj showed that he too was treated like other prisoners. On top of that, in such a situation, people think it's a joke and say insensitive things. In one scene, all the prisoners are sitting and watching TV. Shilpa's performance is going on. A prisoner makes lewd comments on Shilpa. The other one interrupts her saying keep quiet, her husband is sitting here.

There is no doubt that the film has been made to clean the image of Raj Kundra. But even after doing this, the makers did not make anything. It looks like a decent film from the trailer. Raj's acting may not be good but the filming of UT69 does not look weak. The credit for the story of the film is in the name of Raj Kundra only. The screenplay and dialogues have been written by Vikram Bhatti. The film has been produced by Shahnawaz Ali. According to IMDb, Shahnawaz was also associated with editing of films like 'Socha Na Tha' and 'Waqt'. He has also worked as an assistant promo editor on Shahrukh Khan's film 'Main Hoon Na'.